Sweet point pepper

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Sweet point peppers

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The breeders at Eminent Seeds have worked hard in recent years to develop a more productive variety for both red and yellow sweet point peppers. The ripening speed is two weeks faster than the standard variety and therefore gives a higher production. Because of these characteristics, the red and yellow tips are interesting options compared to standard varieties. The sweet point peppers are available in the colours red and yellow.

The sweet taste of the bell pepper is measured by Brix value. Ordinary peppers have a brix value of 5, with a minimum brix value of 8, the sweet taste of the sweet point pepper is much higher than average. The peppers have a fruit length of 17 to 25 cm and a diameter of 5 cm. The fruit weight is on average 100 to 125 grams.


*) Based on North Western European climate conditions.



Contact our specialists to order the sweet point pepper seeds or if you want to receive more information such as cultivation guidelines.

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