Sweet Crunchino ®

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‘Nature is full of surprises’. We experienced this when we discovered the first genetics of Sweet Crunchino. This pepper may look like an ordinary sweet pointed pepper, but the taste experience is extraordinary!

When we challenge our customers to taste the Crunchino, we see a sparkle in their eyes. The Crunchino has an outstanding level of crunchiness and due to the distinctive skin, shape, and flavor, the Sweet Crunchino brand will be recognizable for any consumer.

With regard to nutrition, Crunchino has scored a high level of proteins and fibers.

High quality breeding techniques have enabled us to produce the colors Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Caramel. You can recognize the Crunchino by the ribbed skin and sometimes twisted fruit shape. Despite being a thin-walled fruit, Crunchino has an excellent shelf life and is therefore suitable for export.

We are proud bringing back an innovative and unique flavor into the market!

Nutrition Facts per 100g*

*) Since peppers are a natural product, the values can vary between grower, cultivation method and season.

Crunchino's characteristics

  • High fiber product
  • Distinctively high source of protein and brix
  • Excellent shelf life and qualified for export
  • Non-GMO
  • Unique Crunchy bite
  • Sustainable greenhouse produced
  • Ready to eat and calm on the digestion

a word from our grower in North America

“When we first discovered the Crunchino Pepper, it stopped us in our tracks.  We knew it was something very special; its’ unique texture – similar to an apple that almost melts in your mouth – was something we had never experienced in a pepper before. Working with Eminent, we have continued to work collaboratively to enhance these genetics by carefully selecting only the best varieties to bring a unique texture that delivers flavor and an experience the world has not yet seen in a pepper variety. Collaborating and expanding our partnerships with Eminent Seeds continues to be our great pleasure.”

Matt Quiring – Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

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