Our special products

We at Eminent Seeds only supply varieties that really add something special. Exclusive greenhouse vegetables that easily take the lead in every dish. Get to know our tomato, sweet pepper and chilli pepper varieties.

We are continuously developing new innovative varieties and varieties that are in line with the consumer trends of the future.

About us

Vegetables are on the rise worldwide. They are no longer a side dish, but have the potential to shine on every plate! At Eminent Seeds we are continuously developing new specialties for growers, where our breeders are looking for higher production, more resistance and new variations in taste, color and shape.


Every year we invest a large part of our turnover in research & development. Eminent Seeds has grown into a high-end breeding company that uses the most modern breeding techniques without using GMO techniques. By making crosses with our versatile parent lines, we develop varieties that meet the requirements of the future. Requirements in the field of production, shelf life, taste and resistances.

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